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MediaLibrary#130“The Darrow community has always embraced a balance between environmental, human, and economic sustainability. "growing.greener" aims to extend this legacy in the 21st century and beyond by continuing the tradition of stewardship.”
Craig Westcott, Director of the Samson Environmental Center and Assistant Director of the growing.greener initiative


Among independent schools, Darrow is an acknowledged pioneer and innovator in the field of sustainability. Sustainability permeates every aspect of life at Darrow. It’s integrated into our academic curriculum—every class addresses sustainability in a meaningful way. It’s built into our buildings, including the Samson Environmental Center and Living Machine™, an all-natural wastewater processing facility powered with renewable energy. It’s central to our way of life. Students drive recycling and energy conservation efforts on campus, manage campus land with sustainable agricultural practices, and participate in local, regional, and national environmental conferences. Our sustainability leadership and expertise is the reason  thousands of visitors come to campus through our annual Sustainability Symposium and other outreach efforts.

Thanks to our Shaker heritage, sustainability is part of Darrow’s history. Today, Darrow’s students and faculty are working to make sustainability part of everyone’s future.