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Lacrosse has been played competitively at Darrow for many decades, returning to the Mountainside in 2014 after a brief lapse. Each spring the lacrosse team comes together to continue this longstanding and proud athletic tradition. The determination, team spirit, hard work, and sportsmanship displayed by the Darrow lacrosse team are a model for all Darrow sports teams. Girls are invited to play on this team (league is boy’s rules and equipment). 

Lacrosse Calendar

«April 2019»
  • Lacrosse vs. Woodhall (away)
    4/10/2019 3:30 PM

    Lacrosse vs. Woodhall (away)

    In its season opener on the road against Woodhall, the Darrow lacrosse team played with spirit and intensity but wound up on the wrong end of a 4-19 final tally. Despite the outcome, this first contest featured a number of auspicious developments that bode well for the rest of the season. This game was a “baptism by fire” for four Darrow players (frosh KD, Axel, and Matthew, and senior Golan) who were playing in their first ever lacrosse game. These new laxmen acquitted themselves well, playing with determination, energy, and growing confidence as they became more comfortable on the field. Axel, playing primarily at midfield, handled both offensive and defensive responsibilities effectively, and was recognized with the first game ball of the season for his performance. Darrow’s scoring was nicely distributed, with each goal coming from a different player. Kudos to attackmen Charley ‘21 and Brennan ‘20, and midfielders Jasper ‘21 and co-captain Geoffrey ‘19 on notching their first goals of the season. Goalkeeper and co-captain Jared ‘20 played with his usual alertness and athleticism between the pipes, making numerous saves on close-range shots and energizing the game with his trademark lightning-fast clearing runs. Despite continued scoring by Woodhall, Jared never let down or lost his composure, playing aggressively and calmly right to the final whistle. Darrow’s defensive unit, ably anchored by long-pole veteran Jeffrey ‘20, played with increasing confidence and cohesion as the game progressed and the new defensemen started to learn the ropes. Freshmen Galen and Matthew, along with Calvin ‘20 (up until this game a middie and attackman), showed good promise on the back line. Seniors Jocelyn and Mark played energetically on attack, fearlessly mixing it up with the opposing Woodhall players. The team’s focus now shifts to implementing the lessons of this opening match as it prepares to host the Storm King Cougars for Darrow’s home opener on Saturday, April 13..
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  • Lacrosse vs. Storm King (home)
    4/13/2019 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    Lacrosse vs. Storm King (home)

    In its home opener against Storm King, the Darrow lacrosse team played with tenacity and showed noticeable improvement over its first outing against Woodhall, but fell short on the scoreboard by a final tally of 2-8. Every aspect of the team's performance, from faceoffs and offensive feeding to team defense and clears, demonstrated progress, and the entire team played with greater confidence, stamina, and skill. Both Darrow goals came from sophomore attackman Charley, who continued to display his knack for getting open around the crease and getting off quick shots. Junior goalkeeper and co-captain Jared turned in a strong game in front of the Darrow net, handling shots and clears with poise and aggressiveness, and providing important on-field leadership to his defensive unit. Kudos to the defensive back line, which held Storm King to less than half of Woodhall’s goal production in the team's first game, and made a number of exciting clearing runs that created offensive opportunities for Darrow in unsettled situations. The game ball was presented to senior midfielder and co-captain Geoffrey in recognition of the physical stamina and mental composure he displayed during the game. During a tense moment involving a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct against Storm King, Geoffrey kept his cool and set a strong example for his teammates of sportsmanship and self-control. In its next game, Darrow takes on the visiting Kodiaks of the Kildonan School on Thursday, April 18th. Thanks to a shift in the team’s schedule, the Darrow squad will have three full practice days to prepare for this game, and the players are enthusiastic about their prospects and progress.

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  • Lacrosse vs. Kildonan (home)
    4/18/2019 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

    Lacrosse vs. Kildonan (home)

    The Darrow lacrosse team notched its first win of the season in a hard-fought 9-4 game against the visiting Kildonan Kodiaks that displayed continuing improvement in the team's stick skill and game play. The game remained close during the first half, with the teams exchanging goals and scrapping energetically for control of ground balls. In the second half, freshman midfielder KD took over duties between the pipes from co-captain Jared ‘20, and in his first ever game in goal, played with confidence and intensity, displaying exciting promise for his future development as the team's second goalkeeper. For his enthusiasm and nerve in taking on the goalie position midway through the game, and acquitting himself well, KD was the unanimous choice to receive the game ball. Darrow's scoring was again nicely distributed, with goals scored by sophomore attackman Charley (2), sophomore midfielder Jasper (2), senior midfielder and co-captain Geoffrey (2), and junior co-captain and goalkeeper-turned-midfielder Jared (3). Senior attackman Mark had a good outing, handling the ball with noticeable confidence and making good tactical decisions on the field. Freshman long-pole Matthew ran his first shifts as a long stick middie, showing increasing confidence in that role and giving Darrow a stronger defensive presence on faceoffs. Darrow now turns its focus to preparing for its road game against Hoosac on Saturday, in which the team will strive to sustain its winning momentum.
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