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Event date: 4/13/2016 4:30 PM Export event

Ultimate vs. Woodstock (A)

Darrow ultimate traveled to Woodstock for their opening game, and prevailed 13-9. Captains Chris (16) - a.k.a. Choice Cuts - and Kipling (16) - a.k.a. Biscuits - combined for ten points and four assists. Braden (18) - a.k.a. Broduce - played valiantly in his first start, with 2 assists and 9 interceptions and knock downs. Adam (16) - a.k.a. Beast - and Dylan (18) - a.k.a. Two Scoops - scored the other 3 points between them. Every Duck saw playing time and each player found a way to contribute, with a much needed catch, a timely knockdown, or a crisp pass to keep a drive alive. Particularly strong contributions came from Max S (18) - a.k.a. Bronas - and Kehao (16) - a.k.a. The Mailman, because he always delivers. Darrow looks ahead on Saturday to Oakwood Friends.


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