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Softball vs. Faith Christian (A)

Ed 0 806
Softball played Faith Christian in our highest scoring game of the season, ending in an eventual 26-11 loss.  Solana ’18 had her first minutes as pitcher, striking 2 batters out. Annabelle ’18, Griffin ’17 and Rochelle ’16 all made great catches and Rochelle had her best hit of the year. Nyaiah ’17 also had a 3-run double.  Victoria ’19 had her first Darrow minutes.  We have our final regular season game against Oakwood Friends on Saturday.

Tennis vs. Marvelwood (H)

Ed 0 662
I am very proud to announce that Darrow Tennis was able to come out with a win today against Marvlewood, which means that Darrow has beat every team in the league at least once. Today was an important game not only for the team as a whole, but especially for Golan '19 who played and won his first Darrow tennis match! Paul '17, Jeng-Rung '17, Jasneal '16, and Kyle '16 all won their singles matches, and were all cheered on by Jasneal's family who came to support the team. However, we were not able to win in our top two doubles matches, which meant that it was up to Golan and Paul to bring in the final win needed to secure our victory for the day, which they were able to do. We won 5 of the 9 matches!

Lacrosse vs. Storm King (A)

Ed 0 816
In a spirited and physical rematch with Storm King on Saturday, May 11th, Darrow fell short by a score of 8-16 despite a strong scoring performance from attackman Frank '17 and the rest of the Darrow squad. Frank scored 6 goals, several on drives from behind the goal, with attackman Jonathan '16 and midfielder Luke '18 each adding one. Jonathan also had two assists, with midfielder Connor '17 adding another. Goalkeeper Derrob '16 had another strong performance in goal, making 21 saves and clearing the ball effectively up to the Darrow attack. The Darrow team is to be commended for keeping their cool in a game where numerous penalties, including against the opposing coaching staff, were assessed. Darrow now prepares to take on Watkinson on Saturday, May 14th in preparation for beginning its postseason play against Marvelwood on Monday, May 16th.

Tennis vs. Hoosac (A)

Ed 0 929
Today the Darrow Tennis Team played against Hoosac, and unfortunately we were not able to come out with a win. However, we were able to watch Ross '16, Golan '19, and Mickey '18 play string matches! Being that Hoosac is a non league game, this loss does not affect the Tennis team's standing in the HVAL. By the end Darrow had won 3 of the nine matches, all of which were singles.

Ultimate vs. Oakwood (H, V/JV)

Ed 0 866
The Darrow Ducks showed tremendous grit and improvement at home against Oakwood Friends, who had beaten them handily in the first week of the season .  The JV squad, led by Captain Dylan - a.k.a Two Scoops (18) - led early, then fell behind, but dug deep to rally, and nearly win, before time ran out on them, leaving them with a 10 - 8 loss.  The Varsity squad once again faced a starting seven that fielded no less than five players over 6' 3'', and fell behind badly after a promising start.  However, the Ducks held themselves together, and answered the call to step up and play with wild abandon.  They harassed the Oakwood handers, forcing bad throws, and converted several times on dropped passes before losing 15 - 5.  Despite the losses, these were easily the two most exciting games of the season, and several Duck "Ultimators" played their absolute best.  
Particularly notable were the efforts of Peter - a.k.a FloBro (18) - who took over handling duties during the JV game and threw for three assists and caught two touchdowns, the last one on a beautiful pass from Zaaron - a.k.a Space Cowboy (19).  He also threw a hammer and changed his name to "Thor."  Max - a.k.a PonyBoy (19) - added three assists and a touchdown of his own.  
In the Varsity game, Co-Captain Chris - a.k.a Choice Cuts (16) - had a hand in 3 of the 5 Darrow points, with two assists and a touchdown, while Co-Captain Kipling - a.k.a Biscuits (16) - contributed three assists, with Liam - a.k.a Snake Hips (16) - and Kehao - a.k.a The Mailman (16) - each adding a touchdown.  Several Ducks played inspired defense, swatting down passes and forcing bad throws.  Leona - a.k.a Stone Wall (16), Olivia - a.k.a Jagger (18), Gaby - a.k.a Colt 45s (16), Angel - a.k.a Hans (19), Greer - a.k.a Sodapop (17), Braden - a.k.a Broduce (16), and Xander - a.k.a Brodie (17) - in addition to the aforementioned players, all stepped up with when their team needed them.  Finally, the player of the day was Max S - a.k.a Bronas (18) - who contributed two assists and caught 5 touchdowns playing for both squads, in addition to playing inspired defense.
In sum, while they may not have come out with a victory, their hearts, just like the Grinch's, grew three sizes today!

Ultimate vs. PDS (A)

Ed 0 806
Cancelled due to rain.  Because it is late in the season, there will be no scheduled makeup.

Ultimate vs. Woodstock (H)

Ed 0 785
Darrow Ultimate closed its season much as it opened it, with a convincing win over Woodstock, this time at home. Senior Co-Captains Choice Cuts and Biscuits paced the Darrow offense, with 5 points and 9 assists between them. Sophomores Broduce, Two Scoops, Thor and Bronas added 3 assists and 8 points, and Junior Xander - a.k.a Brodie - got his first two assists of the season. Freshman PonyBoy added the final two points for the win. Other highlights included stirring defensive plays by Seniors Snake-Hips, Mailman, and Biscuits, by Sophomores Broduce, Thor, Bronas, and Two Scoops, and by Freshmen Cowboy and PonyBoy. Rachel - a.k.a. Frans - got her first catch of the season and her first defensive knockdown, and did Freshman David - a.k.a D-Fine.
With this final win, Darrow Ultimate improves to 3 - 5 on the season, a marked increase from last year's squad.

Lacrosse vs. Watkinson (A)

Ed 0 636
Despite being without several key players, the Darrow lacrosse team hung tough and kept the score within one goal until the final ten minutes of the game, when Watkinson pulled ahead for a 6-10 victory. Darrow scoring came from midfielder Luke '18 with five goals, and attackman Jonathan '16 with one, with defenseman Kevin '17 earning an assist (and almost a goal) on one of his trademark full-field clearing runs. Connor '17 filled in for Darrow's regular goalkeeper and had a very impressive showing, clearing the ball with precision and composure, and even coming very close to scoring on a full-field goalie clear. With spirits undiminished, the Darrow players now turn their sights to their semifinal playoff game against Marvelwood at home on Monday, May 16th.

Lacrosse vs. Marvelwood (H)

Ed 0 676
In what was undoubtedly the closest and most exciting game of the season thus far, the Darrow lacrosse team pulled out a 14-10 home win over Marvelwood on Monday, May 16th to advance to the HVAL league championship game. Darrow got on the scoreboard quickly, notching the first five goals of the game before Marvelwood responded with two of their own. In the second quarter Marvelwood dominated the scoring, adding five goals to their tally to leave the game tied 7-7 at halftime. Darrow fell behind in the third quarter, taking an 8-10 deficit into the final quarter. During that final quarter, the Darrow team made the decision that they would not let this game get away and proceeded to play some of their best lacrosse of the season, scoring six goals and holding Marvelwood scoreless. Darrow's goal production came from Luke ‘18 with six, Connor ‘17 with three, Frank ‘17 and Sam ‘18 with two apiece, and Jonathan ‘16 with one. Crucial assists were provided by Kevin ‘17, Jonathan and Connor. Starting goalkeeper Derrob ‘16 had another strong outing in goal, playing resolutely despite being under the weather and racking up thirteen saves at critical moments to keep Darrow in the game.The Darrow lacrosse team now prepares to travel to Storm King on Wednesday, May 18th for the HVAL league championship game. Wish us luck!

Lacrosse at Storm King (HVAL Championship)

Ed 0 673
In a fitting culmination to its most successful season in recent memory, the Darrow lacrosse team traveled to New Windsor, NY on Wednesday, May 18th to take on Storm King for the Hudson Valley Athletic League championship. The Darrow team played one of its best games of the season, demonstrating tenacious and aggressive play on both offense and defense. Although Darrow came out on the losing end of an 8-17 final score, the intensity, sportsmanship, and pure enjoyment of the game of lacrosse that the team displayed in this championship match allowed the Darrow players to walk off the field at the end of the game feeling pleased and proud of their accomplishment. As in several prior games, numerous Darrow players played multiple positions during this game, making quick and effective transitions to new positions. Darrow scoring came from five different players, including Coach’s Award winner Connor '17, Most Improved Player Sam '18 and Luke '18 with two goals each, and Most Valuable Player Jonathan '16 and Kevin '17 with one each. Important assists were provided by Makiyla '19 with two, and Emily '16 and Luke '18 with one each. Playing in the final game of their Darrow lacrosse careers, seniors Emily, Coach's Award winner Derrob, and Jonathan all played strongly, and were on the field for the final whistle. Looking ahead to next year's lacrosse season, Darrow coaches John Villinski and Tom Tift are excited to build on the success of this season and to continue the winning momentum the program has established.

Tennis vs. Marvelwood (A)

Ed 0 1153
Unfortunately Darrow Tennis lost the semi-finals match against Marvelwood. At the last match we had won three singles matches and one doubles. This meant that there was one final doubles match which would decide the team that would move forward. Jasneal '16 and Hunter '17 played this final match, and it was Hunter's first time ever playing in #2 doubles. They played very hard but we ended up losing the final match 8-4. The final match score was Marvelwood 5 and Darrow 4. We hope Marvelwood the best of luck in their final match against Storm King.

The Darrow Tennis Team, under the leadership of Jasneal and Jeng-Rung '17, had the strongest season that we have experienced in the recent past. Coach Sutton and Coach Brown are so proud of the accomplishments that the team has made. We will be sad to lose our seniors Jasneal, Kyle, Aaron, and Ross; but we look forward to how the Darrow Tennis Program will continue to grow.

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