The Active Curriculum

Our college-preparatory curriculum actively engages students in all types of subject matter through discussion inside the classroom, and direct experience outside the classroom, where they conduct experiments, perform project-based assignments, and use the Darrow environment as a living laboratory. Supported by our expert faculty, Darrow students actively participate in their own education.

Darrow’s active curriculum also means that students, faculty, and staff support the community by working both on and off campus. Since its inception in Darrow's first days as a school, the Hands-to-Work program has been a hallmark of active learning. Each Wednesday morning, Darrow students learn by doing: in our cafeteria helping to make lunch for their classmates; outside tapping trees to make maple syrup; assisting children in early-reading programs, among many other examples. Each year our Hands-to-Work teams spend more than 13,000 hours learning while contributing to our community. Learn more about Hands-to-Work.

When students are inspired to action they become engaged in their own learning.

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