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Boys Basketball vs. Oakwood (home)

The Darrow boys varsity team pulled off a huge win at home against Oakwood, 64-39. The win provides Darrow a 50/50 chance of playing the first HVAL playoff game at home, and makes our record over the last 5 games 4-1. Seniors Evan, Logan. and Michael (23 points, 15 rebounds, 3 blocks) set the tone from the start with smart passing and defensive intensity. Darrow was up by 10 after 5 minutes, as sharp shooting from Tom and Jaideep complimented Michael's dominance on the fast break and in the low post. Senior Geoff scored his first points of the season, adding invaluable hustle and rebounding on defense. With the stakes high, the boys led 40-20 at halftime. Knowing we could not afford to let Oakwood climb back, we continued to fight on defense and make smart plays on offense. Matt provided a boost off the bench as did Walter, knocking down shots in the paint and disrupting Oakwood's attempts to chip away at our lead. With less than 4 minutes to go and up by 25 points, Jaskaran '21, KD '22, JJ '22, Axel '22, Swaraj '21 and Haven '22 finished the game. Though we were not at risk of losing, their composure on both sides of the floor demonstrated just how far the whole team has come this season. We are pumped and ready to continue high IQ, efficient basketball when we face our opponent next week during the start of the HVAL playoffs.
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