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Girls Basketball vs. Emma Willard (away)

On the second day of a road back-to-back, Darrow Women's Basketball came out strong in the second half, extending a 3-point halftime lead to a final 27-point win over Emma Willard (JV) in Troy, NY. All fourteen Darrow players saw extensive minutes on the court. Senior co-captain center Leah played a strong game, tallying 4 points and nabbing 6 rebounds, while anchoring the defense in the paint. Senior forward Naomi continued her steady play, sinking her first basket of the still-young season. Junior guard Corinne added 4 points, 5 rebounds and completed a nice assist. Her diving flip ahead of a daring steal to senior co-captain forward Tyler (13 pts, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and a block), who converted the layup, was the highlight-reel play-of-the-day. Senior co-captain guard Crystal posted a 14/4/1 day while leading the Darrow defense with 6 steals. First year center Abena scored her first Darrow basket. Junior guards Rianna and Kylah were tasked with leading the group that closed out the win on the floor. Darrow travels to New York Military on Saturday.

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