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Girls Basketball vs. Emma Willard (home)

Darrow Women's Basketball welcomed Emma Willard JV to D's House and, possibly feeling the effects of a physical game on Saturday, found themselves on the short end of the score at halftime. The team rallied in the second half, however, to pin a 39-28 defeat on the visiting Jesters. First year guard Ma'kea was inserted into the game in the second half with the express assignment of shutting down the Jesters' top scorer. Ma'kea played withering defense, blanketing the opposing guard, and her energy and effort were an inspiration to the team. The Ducks found their shooting rhythm in the second half with senior captains Crystal and Tyler dropping 3 3-pointers apiece to spur the comeback. Senior forward Naomi offered a stellar defensive effort, locking down the defensive left side of the court for the significant minutes in the second half, while also pulling down 7 rebounds and scoring a big basket during the second half run. First year Sydney provided defensive and rebounding spark off the bench in the first half, helping a team that was having trouble getting out of first gear begin to gain some momentum. First year Akosua displayed versatility, desire and hustle - playing 2 different positions, pulling down 5 rebounds and adding an assist for good measure. Darrow (8-4, 6-3) next travels to Hoosac on Wednesday.
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