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Girls Basketball vs. PDS

Darrow Women's Basketball hosted Poughkeepsie Day School in a Valentine's Day makeup game and defended D's House in front of a supportive crowd with a 39-23 win. Senior captain Tyler tallied 23 points, including a 3-pointer and 8 of 9 from the free throw line, while pulling down 12 rebounds, adding 3 assists and completing 3 steals. Senior captain Crystal posted 8 points, while playing the point for the whole 32 minutes. Crystal had 12 rebounds and completed 7 steals while heading up the Darrow defense. Junior guard Corinne scored a season-high 6 points, while taking on primary defensive responsibilities for marking the opponent's top offensive player, helping to limit her to a below-average 13 points on the day. Senior captain Leah had a strong game on defense, scored a nice basket and had a big block of a PDS shot that brought oohs and aaahs from the crowd. Sophomore forward Sakina played strong defense and nabbed 7 rebounds. First year guard Ma'kea had a strong game off the bench, relieving Corinne and continuing the excellent defensive effort against the most dangerous PDS scorer. First year guard-forward Sydney also provided spark and energy off the bench at key moments in both halves. Darrow (12-4, 8-3) next faces Storm King on Senior Saturday in D's House
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