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Boys Basketball vs. HVAL (away vs. Faith Christian)

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Capping off a HVAL doubleheader, Darrow boys defeated Faith Christian 68-50. Coming into this game, with a 1-1 record against FCA, we knew that if we played as hard and as smart as we did last week against Oakwood, we would put ourselves in the position to win. The Ducks came out strong, Captains Logan '19 and Jaideep '21 knocking down a pair of 3 pointers while Senior Evan played lock down defense on Faith's star shooter. Faith Christian also came out hot, hitting a couple of 3's and long range 2 pointers. With 10 minutes left in the first half, the score was tied 13-13. Senior Captain Michael, who has carried the team all year, dominated on the boards and in the paint on both sides of the floor. Quick ball movement, facilitated by Logan and Michael, led to some easy baskets and 3 pointers from Jaideep and Tom. We gained our first lead of the game - up by 8 with 7 minutes left in the half. Faith Christian did not give up and, led by their high scorer, kept the game within 6 points. Sophomore Walter relieved Evan, tasked with disrupting FCA on defense. Walter's impact was quickly felt, provided a boost of energy on offense and relentless coverage on D. A rebounding and hustle boost from Senior Geoff allowed us to enter halftime with a lead of 8, a good (yet not comfortable) position to be in as we strategized for the second half. Having led at half last time we played FCA, but eventually suffering defeat in the second half, we knew that we could not afford to led our lead slip. Darrow stepped up the defensive intensity, never allowing Faith Christian an easy shot. Despite our best efforts, and a well rounded effort on both sides of the floor, FCA continued to stick around - narrowing our lead to 6 points with 12 minutes to go in the game. However, the turning point in the game came around the 10 minute mark. Offensive rebounding (including a strong effort from Walter off the bench) and 3 point shooting from Logan boosted our lead to 10. More importantly, we did not allow a few minor breakdowns to rattle our foundation. Earlier in the season, a couple mistakes may have caused multiple meltdowns. The boys kept their composure and continued to execute the game plan, as Walter and Evan frustrated FCA on defense and Michael energized the whole gym with a flurry of fast break dunks. With 7 minutes to go, Darrow led by 14 but did not rest until the final buzzer. Senior Evan's hustle and defensive intensity went above and beyond expectations. Due to the challenge of his task, he fouled out with 6 minutes to go. We could not have won it without him! Logan's 3 from the top of the key coupled with low post dominance from Michael gave Darrow a 17 point lead. Given our lead, the Ducks wisely let time run on offense and played smart D. Freshman Matt finished off the game, demonstrating his maturity regarding awareness of shot selection. Since early January, our team goal has been to advance in the playoffs. To do so at home was particularly special. I could not be prouder of the whole team for the dedication, focus, and camaraderie they have demonstrated.

Boys Basketball vs. Storm King (away)

Ed 0 145
Darrow boys basketball beat Storm King, at Storm King, 47-30. The win takes our record over the past 6 games to 5 wins and 1 loss. Sophomore Jaskaran got the start, a well deserved reward for his dedication and focus throughout the season. In preparation for our upcoming HVAL playoff game, Senior Logan supported the team from the bench as he nursed a wrist injury. Senior Captain Michael (19 pts, 16 rebounds, 3 blocks) also took on a supportive, more hands off role as he facilitated ball movement and defensive communication on the floor as well as coached from the sidelines. Experienced players Immanuel '21, Matt '22, Geoff '19, Evan '19 and Jaideep '21 stepped up and helped set up the less experienced guys for success on the court. Since we had defeated SK a month ago by 25 points, we were confident we could win easily (if we played right). We decided to let less experienced line-ups have the chance to succeed (and make mistakes/learn lessons). Towards the end of the first half, Storm King was able to cut our lead down to 8. At the start of the second, smart passing and hustle from Walter '21 and KD '22, as well as in the paint domination from Michael '19, pushed our lead to 20 points. The highlight of the game came as Heron '20, Swaraj '21, Jaskaran '21, Haven '22 and Solan '22 finished out the last 3 minutes of the game. Heron scored 4 points (his first of the season) on fast break drives to the basket, which led to foul shots. Haven had a huge block in the paint while Jaskaran and Swaraj led with composure and communication on D.

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