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Boys Basketball vs. Woodstock JV (home)

Ed 0 372
Darrow defeated Woodstock Day School 38-36. Wow, what a game yesterday! Darrow's rising stars got the starting nod for this "JV" contest. Senior guard Robert and Sophomore guard Jared split duties marshaling the floor for us. Despite being listed as a JV squad, Woodstock Day proved to be a scrappy team, and were up 24-14 at the half. Per our beloved third coach's approval, we started the 2nd half with our starting squad, as our team said we will not lose this game. Walking on to the court, junior captain Michael was heard saying "this is not for stats, we win this game!" It was a battle in the second half that saw Darrow climb back and take the lead by 6, only to see the game tied with 21.7 seconds left on a couple of free throws. After a quick timeout, the guys all agreed that we were going to work the clock and take the last shot. Senior guard Robert got the ball with 11 seconds left, dribbled past the defender and took a short corner jumper for the game winning basket with time running out for Woodstock as they inbounded the ball. Darrow's season ends on a final seconds, game winning jumper to improve to 6 wins on the season!

Robert '18, led all scoring with 13pts.
Jack '21, 9pts.
Michael '19, 8pts.
Jared '20, 6pts.
Jaideep '21, 2pts.

Heck of a season, and with such a young group, one cannot help but be excited for the future!

Boys Basketball at Oakwood (HVAL Quarter Final)

Ed 0 525
The Ducks dropped the quarterfinal 41-54 to Oakwood Friends. Darrow traveled down to Poughkeepsie to take on Oakwood Friends in the quarterfinal round of the HVAL playoffs. The gentlemen started out strong, remaining neck and neck through the first 10 minutes, but Oakwood went on a run at the end to go into the half up 34-17. Despite the lead, our Ducks fought hard in the second half, starting with a 9-2 run that scared Oakwood. Their titan was the focus of our plan, and he was not going to single-handedly beat us. We held him to 23 points, considerably less than our two previous outings due to some scrappy, aggressive D from senior F Henry, backed up with some tight double-team help from sophomore G Jared. While our in-league season has come to an end, we do have one more JV game next Wednesday, 2/28 against Woodstock.

Robert '18, 13pts, 4reb, 2asst
Henry '18, 10pts, 2reb
Michael '19, 10pts, 19reb, 10blcks, 3assts ***Second triple double of the season
Jared '20, 6pts 5reb, 1asst, 1blck
Jack '21, 2pts, 7reb, 3asst, 2blocks

Congrats to a team that went from 0 wins last year to 5 wins this year!

Boys Basketball vs. Storm King (home)

Ed 0 377
Darrow defeated the Storm King School's Junior Varsity Team 63-38. Senior day for the gentlemen saw us host the Storm King School JV team. Our guys were still riding high from the previous victory, and you could feel the energy in the gym. Our guys made sure not to underestimate SKS just because they were a JV team, they knew that these young players were scrappy, energetic, played tough defense, and had some pretty good shooters who we did not want to get hot. Darrow jumped out to an early lead, and never looked back. They played lock down defense throughout the game, and frustrated the SKS players at all ends of the court.

Henry '18, 15pts, 4reb, 2blcks
Michael '18, 12pts, 14reb, 2assts, 2blcks
Robert '18, 10pts, 1reb, 5assts
Jack '21, 10pts, 8reb, 2assts, 2blcks
Jaideep '21, 7pts, 2reb, 1asst
Charlie '18, 4pts, 1reb
Jared '20, 3pts, 4reb, 2assts
Tony '19, 2pts *First career Darrow points!!!!!
Heron '20, 4reb, 1asst
Eric '21, 2assts
Jaskaran '21, 2reb
Walter '21, 1asst

Boys Basketball vs. Faith Christian (home)

Ed 0 153
From Coach Ouellette: Darrow triumphs 75-59. FCA came to D's house to take on a Ducks team that lost a starter to injury. Our gentlemen took this game personally as FCA embarrassed us by 20 in the first game this year, and the gents said it wasn't going to happen today. Darrow jumped out to an early 20 point lead that moved up as high as 31 before finishing the game up by 16.

Michael 24 points, 25 rebounds, 10 blocks, 3 assists *** First gentleman triple double in my 4 years here!!!!!!!

Jack '21, 14 points, 6 reb, 4 assts, 1 block
Robert '18, 9 points 4 assists
Jared '2o, 8 points 1reb, 4assts, 1 block
Charlie '21, 6 points, 3reb, 1asst
Henry '18, 5 points, 2reb, 1asst
Eric '21, 3 points, 4reb, 1block
Walter '21, 2 points, 1reb, 1asst
Heron '20, 2 points, 1reb
Jaskaran '21, 1pt, 3reb

Boys Basketball vs. Oakwood (away)

Ed 0 314
The Darrow Ducks lost to Oakwood 48-76. Darrow traveled down to Poughkeepsie to take on an Oakwood team that was built around 1 player who scored 32 against us last game. As it turns out, he seems to be even better at home as he scored 47 despite having Henry stuck to him almost the whole game. Darrow did play quite hard, and stayed with Oakwood well in the first half while playing some stingy man-to-man defense and were only down 7 going into half time. While we continued to play hard, Oakwood's scoring ace caught fire and began to hit from just about anywhere on the court. Our guys continued to fight hard, but it was clear that frustration began to set in during a quite physical game.

Luke '18, 13 pts, 3reb ***Career high score
Michael '18, 11pts, 21reb, 4assts, 6blocks
Henry '18 7pts, 3reb, 2assts, 1block
Jared '20, 7pts, 1reb, 2assts
Jack '21, 5pts, 8reb, 1asst
Charlie '21, 3pts, 1asst
Rob '18, 3reb, 3asst, 1 steal

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