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Boys Basketball vs. NYMA (home)

Ed 0 69
Darrow lost to NYMA 38-80 in D's house. While a loss of this nature is not what we would hope for, Darrow did score 23 more points than we did against NYMA the last time, so improvement is always good. Darrow has been decimated by illness over the last two games, and needed some other gentlemen to step up, and they sure did!

Michael '19, 14pts, 11reb, 1asst, 5 blocks
Luke '18, 11pts, 5reb
Leo '18, 5pts, 2reb, 2asst
Jared '20, 4pts, 3reb, 3asst
Vincent '18, 2pts, 3reb, 1asst
Jack '21, 2pts, 2reb
Robert '18, 1reb, 1asst
Heron '20, 2reb
Jaskaran '21, 1reb

That was our 7th game in 10 days, the guys have earned this upcoming rest.

Girls Basketball vs. Hoosac (home)

Ed 0 181
Junior forward Crystal scored a career high 30 points to lead Darrow Women's Basketball to a 61-34 win over Hoosac in D's House. Crystal connected on 5 3-pointers, thought to be a DWB single game record, and pulled down 18 rebounds. Junior forward Tyler also notched a double double with a 16/13/1 line that included a 3-pointer. Tyler also completed 5 steals. Senior guard Jayme had 9 points, made her first career 3-pointer and was on the passing end of a beautiful assist-layup combo with senior guard Royanne. Junior forward Naomi made her first career start, pulling down 6 rebounds, playing strong defense at the back of the Darrow press and half court zone *and* scoring her first Darrow basket, much to the delight of her teammates! Junior guard Meredith generated 4 steals to set off several fast breaks. First year forward Sakina ripped down 5 rebounds and made her first career in-game free throws, earning 2 shots on a shooting foul and calmly sinking them both. First year center Emelia gave strong defensive support in the paint against a taller Hoosac opposing center.

Boys Basketball vs. Hoosac (away)

Ed 0 161
Darrow lost to Hoosac 49-64. The Ducks started the game well but were down 4 going into the half. Hoosac opened things up in the second half.

Jared '20, 14pts, 1reb, 5assts
Michael '19, 14pts, 6reb, 5blcks
Jack '21, 11pts, 7reb, 1asst
Luke '18, 7pts, 8reb, 1asst
Robert '18, 3pts 1 asst
Leo '18, 1reb
Vincent '18, 2 asst

Girls Basketball vs. Marvelwood (away)

Ed 0 77
A half of frigid shooting and a dominant performance by the host team's top player (26 points) sent Darrow to a 41-31 defeat at Marvelwood. Junior forward Tyler registered a double-double (13/14/2) and junior forward Crystal added 7 points, 9 rebounds and completed 7 steals to keep DWB in the game until the waning minutes. Senior guard Jayme added 6 points and pulled off 6 steals, while senior guard Royanne notched her first career 3-pointer. First year forward Sakina added a basket for Darrow.

NOTE: this is the reschedule of the Dec. 9 snowout.

Boys Basketball vs. Marvelwood (home)

Ed 0 60
Marvelwood defeated Darrow 64-37.
Robert '18, 7 pts 1 reb
Jared '20, 7 pts, 4 reb, 3 asst
Luke '18, 5 pts, 4 reb, 1 asst
Jack '21, 5 pts, 8 reb, 1 asst, 1 block,
Leo '18, 3 pts
Vincent '18, 1 reb, 1 asst, 1 block
Jaideep '21, 4 reb
Heron '20, Jaskaran, Walter 1 reb each
Eric '21, 1 block

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