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Boys Basketball vs. Storm King (away)

Ed 0 156
Darrow men traveled down to Cornwall on Hudson to face the Storm King JV squad. We had a chance to catch the Varsity squad, and it is probably best we played the JV team. Despite the score, the SKS JV squad was scrappy, aggressive on defense, and pretty accurate beyond the arc. While we played a ready team, we still were able to handle them pretty well, coming out with a 48-27 victory on the road.

Michael '19, 18 pts, 20 reb, 1 asst, 8 blocks **another double-double, and 2 blocks shy of what would have been the first Men's triple-double in my tenure here***

Robert '18, 9 pts, 2 pts

Jared '20, 8 pts, 2 reb, 4 asst,

Jack '21, 7 pts, 9 reb, 4 assts

Jaideep '21, 2 pts, 1 reb, 1 asst

Vincent '18, 2 pts, 1 asst

Walter '21, 2 pts,

Luke '18, 6 reb, 1 asst, 1 block

Leo '18, 1 reb

Eric '21, 1 reb

Heron '20, 1 reb

Geoffrey '21, 1 reb

All players saw time today!

Highlight of the game: Luke showed his tenacity as a ball was going out of bounds. Luke dove, tipped the ball back in bounds to Jack for the assist on a beautiful layup!

Girls Basketball vs. Storm King (home)

Ed 0 193
Down by 4 with a minute remaining in a hard fought contest, Darrow Women's Basketball was able to dig down deep and find just enough to pull out a thrilling 29-28 victory over Storm King in D's House. Junior forward Tyler nailed her 4th 3-pointer of the game. Darrow went into its press needing a stop and was able to keep the visitors from scoring on a good defensive possession. Darrow missed a good scoring opportunity (not every shot goes in!) and when senior guard Royanne lunged for the rebound, it went off her out of bounds. Storm King had the ball and the lead, but on this possession, Darrow's press generated a steal and as the seconds ticked away, the Ducks moved the ball up back up the floor with Tyler zipping a perfect pass to junior forward Crystal who laid it in with 4.9 seconds remaining. Darrow was able to make another steal on the SKS inbounds play, the horn sounded and there was much rejoicing in D's House.

Boys Basketball vs. Doane Stuart (home)

Ed 0 154
The guys started hot against a scrappy Doane Stuart team, and pulled into the half with a 12 point lead. Darrow never relinquished the lead, the the score did get tied as Doane didn't quit on the game. Quite the excitement towards the end, and in front of a great home crowd!

Robert '18, 14 pts, 4 assts
Jaideep '21, 12 pts
Michael '19, 11 pts, 16 reb, 2 assts, 5 blocks ***Double Double***
Luke '18, 8 pts, 5 reb, 1 steal
Jack '21 5 pts, 5 reb, 3 assts
Heron '20, 1 reb, 1 asst
Leo '18, 1 reb, 1 asst
Eric '21, 1 reb

Highlight of the game was Luke's steal to seal the game, or Jaideep's 4 3 pointers!

Girls Basketball vs. Doane Stuart (away)

Ed 0 157
In a bruising affair conducted within the intimate space of the Doane Stuart gym, Darrow Women's Basketball defeated the host Thunderchicks 43-29 in the second match of a home-and-home series. The girls played with composure in a physical game, giving, as well as receiving, their fair share of physicality. Junior forwards Tyler and Crystal both posted near identical double doubles - Tyler 14/14/3 and Crystal 14/16/1. Both players added 3 blocks apiece for good measure. Senior guard Jayme added 5 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists, while junior center Leah scored 6 and pulled down 7 boards. As Darrow hit a small mid first half doldrums, senior guard Royanne came off the bench to hit back to back shots, completed 2 steals and grabbed a loose ball to help the Ducks right the proverbial ship before it took on any serious water. Junior forward Naomi played solid defense in a reserve role, as did first years Sakina and Emelia. Darrow returns home to welcome Storm King in a league tilt on Saturday.

Girls Basketball vs. PDS (away)

Ed 0 165
Darrow Women's Basketball traveled to Poughkeepsie Day to play the Navigators in an HVAL contest, surviving against an aggressive, young team and some just-off-the-bus lethargy in the first half to post a 39-19 win. Junior forward Tyler continued to thrive in the PDS gym (3 consecutive double doubles at PDS), posting a 22/10/2 performance that included a 3-pointer. Junior forward Crystal, while thrown off her game a bit by the raw physicality of the contest, scored 11, including a 3-pointer and 6 for 8 from the free throw line. Senior guard Jayme scored a nice basket on a perfect assist from First-year Sakina, while playing her characteristic full court, energetic defense. Jayme also had 8 rebounds and 3 steals. Guard Meredith (junior) and Royanne (senior) rotated effectively at the front of the Darrow D, both scoring crucial second half baskets, completing a steal apiece, and generating deflections to disrupt the PDS offense. Junior center Leah and First-year center Emelia anchored the back of the Darrow defense. Junior forward Naomi provided valuable minutes off the bench, continuing to shine on defense.

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