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Boys Basketball vs. NYMA (home)

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Another hard fought game in D's house that ended with a loss. 62-41 to NYMA. The guys played their most beautifully orchestrated team game of basketball today. Seniors Frank and Desmond incurred injuries and the guys came out a bit slow. Then they got going and it was great to watch with tons of fan support. Scorers were:

Vincent '18: 4pts.
Leo '18: 3pts.
Zion '17: 3pts.
Henry 18: 2pts.

With the breakout game of his career, Jason '17 finished with 29 points! Another highlight for me was a steal by Jared '20 who looked down court to see Vincent '18 cutting back door on his defender, hit him with a PHENOMENAL pass and Vincent hit his layup for the finish.

Boys Basketball vs. Oakwood (home)

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The Ducks hosted Oakwood Friends today in D's House. Down 2 starters to injury, Darrow faced a stiff challenge in a strong OFS team. Final score was 59-25 Oakwood, but the Ducks never died and played their strongest basketball in the last 4 minutes. With 20 seconds left, Jared '20 drove to the basket, drew the defense and dished to Paul '17 in the corner who shot and banked in his first 2 Darrow points.

Jason '17: 11 points, 6 rebounds
Henry '18: 5 points and 3 blocks
Leo '18: 4 points 
Vincent: '18: 2 points 
Max '19: 1 point, 5 rebounds
Zion '17: 1 block and great work on the boards
Jared '20: 4 assists

Boys Basketball vs. Doane Stuart (away)

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Darrow traveled to Doanne Stuart today. Despite some hard play,  we did not get the W. Darrow fell 43 to 36.

Frank '17: 15 pts.
Jason '17: 11 pts.
Jared '20: 6 pts.
Max Ma '20: 2 pts.
Henry '18: 2 pts.

Boys Basketball vs. Hoosac (home)

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Hoosac brought a depleted squad to Darrow today. Unfortunately that depleted squad was their top 6 guys. After a hard fought game where we improved overall, we still fell 100-32.

Frank '17: 13pts.
Jared '20: 11pts.
Leo '18: 6pts.
Henry '18: 2pts.

Boys Basketball vs. Storm King (home)

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Darrow men hosted Storm King. After a very tough game against a strong opponent, Storm King prevailed 78-25. Point scorers were:

Frank '17:  9 pts.
Jason '17: 7 pts.
Jared '20: 6 pts.
Vincent '18: 3 pts.

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