Darrow Event Listings

Boys Basketball vs. PDS (home)

Ed 0 289
Darrow hosted PDS in D's house today. The Ducks jumped out to an early lead, then held it until the final 2.5 min. Unfortunately, a player fouling out and some missed free throws down the stretch derailed our efforts. Despite this, Darrow players played their hearts out, exhibiting impressive drive and determination throughout the game.

Frank '17: 13 pts 7 rebounds
Desmond '17: 11pts 7 rebounds 4 assists
Jason '17: 9 pts, 4 rebounds, 1 monstrous block
Jared '20: 7 pts, 4 rebounds, 2 steals, 3 hustle plays

Boys Basketball vs. Oakwood (away)

Ed 0 276
Darrow Men traveled to Oakwood Friends tonight. While we didn't get the W, it was a hard fought game with some great play from all members of the squad. Frank '17 scored 21 points while grabbing 10 rebounds, Leo '18 sunk 11 points, Jared '20 notched 6 points,Jason '17 added 4 points, Desmond '17 had 2 points and 6 assists, and Paul '17 grabbed first Darrow rebound.

Boys Basketball vs. Marvelwood (home)

Ed 0 552
Darrow hosted Marvelwood today, and lost 44-38. It was a hard fought game that went into halftime knotted at 20 a piece. While we didn't get the W, we certainly played with heart. The scorers were: Leo '18 (13), Desmond '17 (10), Jason '17 (7), Jared (20) 2, Max '19 (2), Kevin '17 (2), Zion '17 (2).

Boys Basketball vs. Watkinson (away)

Ed 0 456
The Darrow Ducks lost 74-33. Watkinson came out hot with 22 unanswered points finishing the 1st half with 51 points. Darrow came out with strong D in the 2nd half to hold them to only 23 more in the game. All members of the squad got playing time. Jason '17 scored 12 points, Frank '17 tallied 9 points, Jared '20 sunk 6 points, Desmond '17 notched 4 points, and Leo '18 scored from 3 point range.

Boys Basketball vs. Faith Christian (home)

Ed 0 372
Darrow school hosted Faith Christian Academy here in D's house at 2:30PM. Darrow came back 12 points in the second half to send the game to overtime. The final score of the game was FCA 75, Darrow 66 at the end of DOUBLE OVERTIME. Darrow played strong but succumbed to foul-outs. Every member of the Ducks squad saw minutes in this game. Frank '17 led all scorers with 28 points. Other leading scorers were Jason '17 (14 pts.), Desmond '17 (13 pts.), Jared '20 (5 pts.), Max '19 (4 pts.), and Leo '18 (2 pts.). Congratulations to Desmond '17, Jared '20, Max '19 and Leo '18 who scored their first Darrow points.

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