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A Day for Design
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A Day for Design

Darrow community engages in full day of diverse activities aimed at creating a vision for tomorrow

On February 14, 2017, Darrow School held a daylong slate of activities called "Design Day," aimed at sparking innovation, vision, and creativity devoted to a strategic vision for the School. With the day's events divided up into two work sections, a morning session and an afternoon session, students and faculty participated in an eclectic selection of group workshops on a variety of different topics.

The intention, said Head of School Simon Holzapfel, was to get students creating and innovating outside of the usual classroom framework. "Some students joined me for work on the strategic plan's vision statement and accompanying values," he said. "Some worked on projects of their own design in areas like music and film. Others joined faculty who had designed sessions around their own interests, such as modernizing our health curriculum and creating new options for athletics."

One of the larger sessions, entitled Innovations Games, was facilitated by Andi and Andy Simon, of Simon Associates Management Consultants, a professional agency that assists organizations in building and developing business strategies. Other sessions included: Trading Space, CSI: Darrow, Shaker Connection, Condensed Fitness, Health and Wellness, Maker Space, International Darrow, Senior Experience, and Independent Term.

"We generated a bunch of new ideas and thinking," Holzapfel said, "which will provide the raw materials for new iterations of our program across the academic and extracurricular spectrum."


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