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Internship Opportunities

New two-week program will facilitate transition from high school to the real world

A new program coming to Darrow next year aims to facilitate the transition high school seniors make after graduation. 

According to Catherine Stines, Experiential Learning Coordinator (pictured meeting with some of the students in the program), the Senior Internship Program will facilitate the transition from high school to the “real world” by fostering work and/or internship opportunities. Seniors are offered an exciting and unique learning experiences that will provide an opportunity to examine the world from another viewpoint. They will expand their interests and abilities in a professional setting, working with experts in their chosen field. 

The program allows seniors to:

  • explore the relative roles of theory and practice as each relates to a work environment
  • relate academics to the work world via career experiences
  • gain real life experience to enhance interpersonal and workplace skills
  • work with a variety of professionals in a workplace setting

Internship subjects include:

  • glass-blowing/art
  • antique cars 
  • acting/voice work
  • children's books
  • film
  • music
  • ASL/theater
  • classic music 
  • jewelry
  • art galleries
  • OBGYN 
  • women’s organizations

"Students in the program will develop connections with alumni, faculty, or current parents to secure their internships," Stines said. Home placements will be arranged with a host family, and those interested in hosting a student for a homestay or an internship opportunity are encouraged to email Stines at stinesc@darrowschool.org.


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