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(dis)Connect: An Exhibition by Sara Henry
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(dis)Connect: An Exhibition by Sara Henry

Darrow Artist in Residence announces new exhibition

Darrow School’s Joline Arts Center has announced the opening of a new exhibition entitled, “(dis)Connect,” by Sara Henry, the school’s 2015–16 Nathan Paulding ’89 Artist in Residence. The exhibition opens with a reception on Friday, April 29, at 6:30 p.m., followed by a Q&A session with the artist at 7:15 p.m. The reception and exhibition are free and open to the public. The exhibition will run through Friday, May 13.

A native of Alaska, Sara Henry has a bachelor of fine arts degree in sculpture from the University of Alaska/Anchorage and received her master of fine arts in ceramics from the State University of New York at New Paltz in 2015. She is the second artist to be appointed the Nathan Paulding ’89 Artist in Residence program, which provides artists with the opportunity to further develop their work in an educational setting.

Henry says her work as a ceramics artist has followed two paths: sculptural and functional. Her creations—which can range from tall, heavy, monolithic blocks to small wire-handled cups—are distinguished by their weight and color, as well as the incorporation of various objects that might include clay, paper, metals, and other materials and minerals to lend color and texture. These include manganese, raw umber, granular ilmenites (a titanium derivative with a high melting point), cryolite, cobalt sulfate, copper, and soda ash. The assorted elements combine to create surface texture, definition, depth, and sparkle. A specialized formula of the clay, developed by Henry, lends a layered, rippled, almost topographical effect.

“I like rough, jagged textures, lots of color, and strong visual stimuli,” she said. “In my heart, I’m definitely a sculptor. When I’m creating a piece, I want it to be the most interesting thing I can create. I am always thinking, ‘What can I give my eyes to look at?’”

The artist’s statement for (dis)Connect says: “Connections are inherent—they exist within us as permanent and inseparable parts. We are connected to each other, to creatures, to land, to sea. This collection of sculptures is a metaphor for our connections to all things on earth. Shaped as geometric forms, they symbolize the human body after times of growth—after heartbreak, after healing, after hunger, after hope: they are built upon, layer by layer, ever evolving as we do. Like us, these sculptures are imperfect. They are missing pieces and full of holes. They are rough and jagged, smooth and cold. They are small, they are large, they are heavy and sad; cracking apart but still holding together. They appear to be carved from stone, chipped from the mountainside, scooped from the beach, fished out of the ocean, and dug up from the ground. Bright and earthy colors dance across their surface depicting a range of shared emotions. They tell the story of all of us—our history, our future. They are not one thing—they are all things—they are connections, to you, to me. They ask for only one thing: your patience, to carefully look at the smallest of detail, to gain something lost, something meaningful, something unknown.”

The Joline Arts Center is located on the campus of Darrow School, at 110 Darrow Road in New Lebanon, NY. Its galleries are free and open to the public during regular school hours. The April 29 reception is open to the public. Those planning to attend are requested to RSVP to Sarah Frederick, Events Coordinator, at fredericks@darrowschool.org or (518) 794-6555.

Media inquiries: Steve Ricci, Director of Communications, at 518-794-6004, riccis@darrowschool.org.

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