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A Sensibility About Sustainability
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A Sensibility About Sustainability

Enviornmental Science worm bin project concludes successfully

Success! On Saturday, May 14, at the Pittsfield Farmers' Market, Darrow's Environmental Science class sold all the worm bins they created this year. The students were tasked with designing, building, and marketing composting worm bins to the public, from brainstorming through prototyping to final construction.

The mission of the project-based learning course, said teacher Raleigh Werberger, was to develop in students an activist's sensibility about sustainability, motivating the public to invest in a living ecosystem for the home. "It was more than a science experiment," Werberger said. "It’s an idea for a consumer product: a compact, self-contained composting system powered by worms, which accelerate the process of breaking organic material down to rich, usable soil in around 30 days."

“Building a product and getting people to use it means you have to learn how to motivate others," he said. "The worm bin takes this from just designing a composting bucket to creating a living ecosystem for the home.”


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