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Darrow Goes to the U.N.
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Darrow Goes to the U.N.

Alumnus Chris Klein '85 hosts students for presentations and tour

by Edwin Hirschfeld, History and World Languages Teacher

On Friday, May 13, Christopher Klein '85, Political Minister Counselor at the United States Mission to the United Nations, hosted students and teachers from Darrow School. The entourage included the Modern Latin America class, plus five seniors selected by the History Department. Each student had the singular experience of dialoging directly and formally with U.S. State Department officials, including Chris and his colleague Elizabeth Lee, the lead negotiator on Security Council, regarding issues pertaining to East Asia and Latin America. The session was held in the main conference room at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, which overlooks U.N. headquarters in New York.

Following lunch, students delivered individual, research-based presentations, followed by diplomacy simulations conducted one-on-one with Chris, who manages overall U.S. participation in the U.N. Security Council. The presentations addressed topic such as official collusion with illegal gangs, recognition and preservation of indigenous languages through bilingual education, Pan-American gun control, the gentrifying effects of tourism, U.S. immigration, the use of unmanned drones in counter-terrorism, recognition of indigenous languages in West Africa, and the socio-political interconnection of global environmental sustainability efforts.

After underlining to the students that he remains available to them at any time by virtue of their common connection to Darrow, Chris escorted the entourage across First Avenue and into the United Nations Building for a tour that included the Security Council, General Assembly, and explanations about innovative humanitarian campaigns in cyberspace.

"My parents have both previously worked at the U.N.," said participating senior, Elena '16, "but being there again with this group has given me a new, refreshed perspective."

Darrow's Student Body President, Ross '16 added, "I didn't realize how exciting a career in public service could be until this visit. I was also thrilled to hear Mr. Klein cite his Darrow experience as a guiding influence in his career in foreign service."

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