The Darrow School Annual Fund

Your gift to The Darrow School Annual Fund will immediately and directly benefit the daily lives of our students and faculty. New library books; supplies for the Joline Arts Center; tools for Hands-to-Work; uniforms for the soccer team; each gift increases the School’s ability to provide an exceptional education in a close-knit community that honors its historic legacy—qualities that make a Darrow education unique.



   Be Your Best Darrow Self

Self. The word comes up frequently when people are asked to define their Darrow experience: “I found myself on the Mountainside.” “Darrow enabled me to become my best self.” “My daughter found herself at Darrow.” Self conveys the finest elements of our existence: individuality, character, mindfulness, creativity, and humanity. Darrow School is where students learn to be self-reliant, self-respecting, and self-actualized. It is where many find “themselves” in the place just right.

You are a permanent part of Darrow’s collective “self,” and your story is a reflection of the role this School played in your path. Your best self may have been discovered during a concert in the Tannery, scoring at the buzzer to win a game, leading your students during Hands-to-Work, realizing an “a ha” moment in class, or seeing your child’s artwork displayed in the Joline.

The goal for the 2016-2017 Darrow School Annual Fund goal is $510,000. Please consider making a contribution on our secure website today as we honor the invaluable part that you continue to play in helping Darrow guide students on the path to their best selves.
On behalf of all the students and faculty at Darrow, thank you for your support.

Giving Clubs

Wickersham Associates



Heyniger Society



Tannery Circle



Whittaker House Associates



Head of School’s Circle



Center Family Society



Hands-to-Work Society



Questions? Please contact Craig Westcott, Assistant Head of School for Advancement and External Relations, at 518-794-6011.

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