Libby Doan

When I first started teaching it was at a school where everyone went skiing once a week in the winter. I did not know how to ski, not even a little bit. So I learned how, right along with the students. That experience ended up being transformative in a couple of ways. First, I still love skiing and have grown to love teaching skiing as well. Even more so, it showed me that modeling learning is an important aspect to keep in my teaching. That using skills someone already has can help them learn something new. Also, that having a healthy sense of humor goes a long way.


  • Director of Academic Mentorship Program
  • Admissions Associate
  • House Parent



  • Academic Mentorship
  • Residential Life


  • Landmark College, Certificate in Executive Function and Learning Disabilities
  • Bryn Mawr College, B.A.

contact information

[email protected]