Mary Jo Daly

A child (one of seven, to be exact) of schoolteachers, my father often took me to the local library. He taught me how to use the card catalog, and my favorite subject to research was "magic." Not the rabbit-in-a-hat kind, but those fantastical stories that took me far away from a crowded house and a small town and a public school that terrified me, and let me believe in another kind of life. In my mid-20s, waiting tables with my English degree, I thought a lot about next steps. And then, I had a dream: I worked in a library. I woke up so happy that I began the process of graduate school applications right away. Dreams do come true. We make them so. I share my dreams now with my husband, two children, household pets, and chickens. I share Darrow with my two sons, a graduate and a junior, who teach me every day about when to step in, and when to let go.


  • Librarian
  • Support Study Hall Coordinator



  • Administration



  • University at Albany, M.L.S.
  • College of New Rochelle, B.A.


Contact Information

[email protected]