World Languages


Portuguese I  •  year

This course is the introductory level into a Portuguese language learning experience. We will explore the products, practices and perspectives that are unique to Portuguese cultures. There will be emphasis on standard pronunciation, development of familiarity with most common grammar structures and acquisition of working vocabulary. The course involves in-class work, projects, story telling, presentations, art, music and culture, and working in pairs and groups weekly. No prior Portuguese experience is required.


Spanish I/Spanish II  •  Year

These year-long courses provide students with an opportunity to develop their Spanish language skills in classes that group students of similar proficiency levels. Instruction in these courses will be conducted mostly in Spanish. Students will be expected to contribute, to the best of their ability, to the maintenance of the classroom immersion environment. Proficiency in all major areas (speaking, listening, writing, and reading) will be developed through a variety of activities. Both individual and group work will be included. The teacher will provide classroom instruction, assign homework and administer assessments.


Spanish III  •  Year

This course is a continuation of Spanish II. It continues to build upon intermediate Spanish language skills with regard to oral communication, reading and writing. Students will continue to collaborate often, begin more challenging projects and work on their fluency and ease with which they speak in the language. Emphasis is placed on conversation, story telling, dialogues, introductory stories in Latin American literature, vocabulary and correct usage of the language. Correct pronunciation and oral proficiency are primary goals.


 French I  •  year

In this course, students begin their study of French through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities based on pedagogically proven methods of foreign language instruction.  In the first semester, topics include greetings, numbers 0-30, likes and dislikes, leisure activities, physical descriptions, family and pets. The second semester topics include school subjects, the calendar, telling time, sports, weather and foods. Through these topics students learn to express themselves using vocabulary, present tense verbs, articles and adjectives. Grammar is introduced and practiced in innovative and interesting ways with a variety of learning styles in mind.


French II  •  year

This course is a continuation of French I with the goal of helping the students improve their skills in French. Students will increase their command of the language through listening, reading, speaking and writing activities based on pedagogically proven methods of foreign language instruction. In the first semester, topics include clothing and accessories, chores, house and furnishing, places in a city, transportation and travel. The second semester, topics include describing others, activities after school, parties and celebrations, foods, cooking and grocery, shopping, school places and events, and computers.


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