Heyniger Memorial Library

Learning can happen wherever we are. At the Heyniger Memorial Library, we recognize that a lot of learning happens outside of the classroom, and a lot of it happens here. Whether you are discovering something new, or chasing down details of an idea sparked by a class discussion, the Library is a place where your inquiries are supported. Through both formal workshops and one-to-one meetings, you’ll be pushed to question the information you find.

  • What makes information reliable?

  • Where do I find scholarly sources?

  • What do I do with information once I find it?

Our goal is to develop and hone your critical thinking skills - along with a healthy dose of skepticism - and the Library is one place where that happens.

Darrow’s Heyniger Memorial Library houses a collection of almost 13,000 items in a former Shaker Meeting House. You’ll be surrounded by history as soon as you enter, inspired by a sense of place that still rings with purpose. Staffed by a full-time librarian, you may come here with a class to sharpen research skills, with a mentor for guided study, with friends to grab a cup of tea, or all by yourself to curl up on one of our cozy chairs with a good book.

Our Library also accommodates the individual student looking for silent study, small collaborative study groups, access to laptops, and evening Support Study Hall, proctored by faculty members. We are the site of informal gatherings and co-curricular activities, from Health and Wealthness workshops to an annual Murder Mystery. Students consistently name the Library as one of their favorite places at Darrow. Take a peek when you visit campus - we just might become your favorite place, too.

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