Postgraduate Program

Sometimes an additional year can bring it all together: your intellectual focus, self-directed study, improved academic skills, and a clear sense of your own amazing potential.

That’s the purpose of The Darrow School’s Postgraduate Program: to empower high school graduates to continue building, growing, and advancing before college.


Customize your PG Year

One of the key attributes of Darrow PG is that you can shape your experience based on what you need and want to accomplish. 


Course Work

You can create a program around our Active Curriculum courses. This option allows you the flexibility to strengthen and hone your academic abilities, improve study skills, and make time for personal growth as you gain a competitive advantage in the college admissions process. Our small class sizes result in more one-on-one attention from our faculty.


Independent Study 

 If you prefer a more self-directed program, independent study offers a “makerspace” environment in which you can develop innovative projects of your own design. With faculty mentorship and guidance, you will learn process and time management, methods for overcoming obstacles, and how to achieve specific outcomes. 

We will grant you a budget of up to $5,000 for project research and development, and internship and externship opportunities are available.


Key Features of Darrow PG

  • Competitive application process 

  • Small class sizes; 4:1 student teacher ratio

  • Opportunity for stronger academic skills, test scores, and college readiness 

  • Course in financial literacy 

  • ESOL available for students who want to improve English language skills 

  • Semi-independent, on-campus housing 

  • Access to campus life, sports, and all school resources including our Academic Mentorship Program

  • Certificates and transcripts awarded upon completion


To learn more about Darrow PG, please email [email protected], or call us (518) 704-2765.


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