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The Darrow School Study Abroad Institute (SAI) is open to all qualifying students, faculty, and staff from all educational institutions. The SAI seeks to address actual needs in the international community by personally connecting across cultures and solving real world problems through collaborative design thinking.

The Arab-Israeli Neighborhood, June 1-15, 2020

We are traveling to Israel and the Palestinian Territories to negotiate and draft a peace agreement between prominent Israeli and Palestinian think tanks. We will mediate between influential research centers that directly advise their respective governments on policy matters. Discovering this ancient land and immersing ourselves in its diverse cultures are both sweet and essential to our mission. We will tour the region, closely examine current peacemaking models, meet grassroots activists, interact with ordinary folk, and attend college seminars on geostrategy and conflict resolution. A variety of recreational activities and very much fun are of course part of the experience. Open to students, alumni, and families. No background on the subject is necessary.

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Is it Safe?

Yes, absolutely. Understandably, news headlines may cause apprehension among prospective participants. However, here are some important points to consider: Safety and security is our number one priority. We monitor the situation in the Middle East on a constant basis and the program will be postponed or cancelled if we feel that we cannot properly ensure participant safety and well-being. This has never occurred. The majority of violent incidents have taken place in particularly tense areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Policy dictates that we do not go to Gaza (or its borders) and to restricted areas of the West Bank. We will travel in the Palestinian Territories in the West Bank which are deemed safe for tourist travel and lodging. If violence flares during the program we will of course make all necessary adjustments. Safety is enhanced by the fact that we are in a structured environment. We use our own vehicles, not public transportation. Group leaders carry cell phones and can be reached at all times.

what is the cost?

Tuition of $5300 includes the full academic program, airfare, housing & meals, ground transportation abroad, guided excursions, activities, and entrance fees. Although participants will want pocket money for personal expenses, tuition covers all other expenses.

Are Scholarships Available?

Advancement efforts have been launched to raise scholarships which will be announced upon availability. Despite such a possibility, there are no guarantees that scholarships will be available, and applications should be submitted with the assumption that program costs will be unsubsidized.  


May I extend the trip?

Yes, at the arrangement, expense, and notice from a parent or legal guardian prior to the conclusion of the course. No supervision, guardianship, or services of any kind will be provided after the course concludes.  


Will my participation & grade appear on my transcript?

The course meets the curricular and instructional time requirements of most secondary education institutions. Participants will receive a course grade upon completion which will appear accordingly on the transcript pending approval of the institution they are currently enrolled in. Participants should confirm with their schools in advance of enrolling in the course.  


Must I be a affiliated with The Darrow School to participate?

No. This course is open to all students, faculty, and staff from all educational institutions pending they meet qualifications specified on the Program Application.  


To learn more about the Study Abroad Institute, please contact Edwin Hirschfeld, Director of Study Abroad.


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