Partnership Programs

The Darrow School facilitates multiple and diverse partnership programs with unique companies and organizations across the United States and around the world.


Jped Academy

Jped Academy is an international partner of The Darrow School.

Located in Beijing, China, Jped Academy is managed and operated by Pei Jing ’11, a member of Darrow's Board of Trustees. In founding the academy, Ms. Jing aspires to introduce Darrow's teaching ideology and active curriculum to her motherland. 

Like Darrow, Jped Academy's mission and values are focused on transforming students into global citizens, creative thinkers, and lifelong learners who understand that success, in any country, requires skills that extend beyond the classroom. These skills include innovation, collaboration, leadership, self-discipline, and communication. At Jped Academy, students actively participate in their own learning.



To learn more about Jped Academy, please visit


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