The Darrow School Active Endowment Funds

A strong endowment insulates The Darrow School from short-term economic pressures. The School’s endowed funds help maintain financial stability and academic excellence by supplying a portion of the School’s operating budget each year.

The annual allocation generated by endowed funds’ growth is used primarily for scholarships, with a portion going to operating expenses and a variety of other needs that tuition alone cannot cover.

Endowed funds are built on contributions from the school community, and the principal is not spent; instead it is carefully invested to yield a steady, reliable source of income in perpetuity..

To make an endowment gift, please contact Lawrence Klein, Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement and General Counsel, 518-704-2775.


The Darrow Endowment

Darrow School invested funds includes a general “Darrow Endowment” comprised of permanently and temporarily restricted funds that are undesignated and support all areas of the School’s program.


Named Endowed Scholarships

A. Scott Leake ’62 Endowed Scholarship

Established by Richard Leake and other family members and friends in memory of A. Scott Leake ’62, this scholarship is awarded to a student with demonstrated financial need. Students with a particular affinity for Hands-to-Work and/or athletics, two of Scott’s favorite activities, are given preference.


Edward M. McIlvain ’64 Endowed Scholarship

Established with a bequest from the late Edward McIlvain ’64, and enhanced through generous gifts of family and friends, this scholarship is awarded to a student with financial need who best exemplifies the qualities of vitality, integrity, and courage. The scholarship is given to a student with financial need.


Class of 1961 Scholarship

Created by the Class of 1961 in conjunction with their 40th reunion, this scholarship honors the class’s heroes—the Darrow faculty who gave them the structure, guidance, and education that made a difference in their lives. It is awarded to a student with demonstrated financial need so that he or she may enjoy his or her own life-changing Darrow experience.


Jacobs Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Jacobs Endowed Scholarship Fund was established in honor of Seth Jacobs ’89 by his parents, Susan and Henry D. Jacobs Jr., in appreciation for the success Seth experienced as a result of his studies and accomplishments at Darrow. All Darrow students with demonstrated financial need are eligible for this scholarship.


Mahnken Endowed Scholarship Fund

Established through the donations of alumni, this scholarship honors Harry Mahnken’s dedicated service to Darrow as athletic director and coach. It is awarded to a student who provides important leadership through good sportsmanship and strong performance in Darrow’s athletic program.


Marjorie Hirschberg Scholarship for the Performing Arts

Established by Tim Moore ’78 in memory of former Darrow theater director Marjorie Hirschberg, this scholarship is awarded to a returning student with demonstrated financial need who is making a significant contribution to the performing arts program at Darrow.


Mercy Ewing ’75 Endowed Art Scholarship

Established by Katie Humes ’76, a close friend of Mercy Ewing ’75, this scholarship honors the memory of Ewing and her sense of adventure and artistic talent by providing aid to a returning student with financial need who has demonstrated interest and talent in the arts.


Ron Calloway ’67 Scholarship

The Calloway Scholarship is awarded in memory of Ron Calloway ’67, who was both an exceptional student and school leader, and applied the education and leadership skills he learned at Darrow to his career of serving others as a social worker. The scholarship was established by Ron’s wife, Deborah Calloway, to help a student in need of financial aid, especially one supported by the Boys’ Club of New York or other group serving disadvantaged children, who has indicated an interest in pursuing a life working in the service professions.


Stover Scholarship Fund

Established by Holly and Richard Stover, parents of Richard “Kit” Stover ’91, this scholarship is awarded to a student who has demonstrated financial need and is from Berkshire or Columbia County. In the case that no students meet the latter qualification, the scholarship is awarded as needed.


Warren A. Gardner Scholarship

The Warren A. Gardner Scholarship was established by former trustee Bradford Gardner ’68 in memory of his father, Warren. All Darrow students with demonstrated financial need are eligible for this scholarship.


William Travis Shedd Class of 2004 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Established by his parents, Michelle Miller and Clifford Shedd III, and his grandmother Mary Catherine Miller, in honor of William Travis Shedd ’04 and in appreciation of his many accomplishments as a student and faculty member at Darrow, this scholarship is awarded to a Darrow student with demonstrated financial need.


Named Faculty Award Endowment

Hoopes Faculty Prizes

The Hoopes Family Faculty Award, given in memory of Joseph C. & Elizabeth S. Hoopes by their daughter, former Darrow Assistant Admission Director and Trustee Holly Hoopes Hudimac, each year honors a returning Darrow School faculty member, staff person, or administrator with at least three years of experience at Darrow, who has made a lasting impression on students, and made a difference in their lives and the life of the School. This doesn’t have to have been in the classroom – it can have happened anywhere on or off the Darrow campus, and at any time during the year, not just between September and June.


Named Science Endowment

Samuel Golden ’72 Endowment for Science

The Samuel Golden ’72 Endowment for Science was established through a bequest from the estate of Samuel Golden and a gift from Sam’s sister, Pamela Golden. It honors Sam, an esteemed immunologist in Pittsburgh who was well-known for his research on infectious diseases, especially AIDS, and his pioneering care of AIDS patients. This endowment is a funding source for scientific equipment and materials, including library resources and technology, to assist Darrow students in their study of science, and to ultimately pursue science-related careers or avocations.