The Darrow School facilitates diverse weekend activities, many of which occur off campus. These include trips to the movies, shopping, dinner, ice skating, bowling, hiking, and cultural events.

We work to coordinate with nearby schools to organize dances, workshops, and cultural gatherings. Numerous activities are hosted on our campus, including movies, capture the flag, video game tournaments, cooking and baking, jewelry making, Coffee House (an open-mic performance), and much more! We welcome suggestions from our students and try to incorporate student-requested activities as quickly as possible.

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Friday, October 18
Price Chopper with Mr. O'Donoghue
Bonfire with Mr. Glovsky
Saturday, October 19
Brethrens RAs Glow Party
Aroma Indian Restaurant with Miss Hafey
Sunday, October 20
Target with Mrs. Russell
Scary Stories with Sophie
Friday, September 27
Coffee House with Mr. Wrba
Saturday, September 28
Asian Supermarket with Ms. Russell
Campfire and S'mores with Ms. Pytleski
Sunday, September 29
Colonie Center with Mrs. Russell