Advisor Program

Each student at The Darrow School is assigned a faculty advisor. Advisors develop personal relationships with their advisees and work to support a student’s emotional, social and academic needs. Advisory groups meet formally on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons, allowing our advisors to connect with students, address any concerns and celebrate successes. In addition to these two formalized meeting times, advisors seek time for informal check-ins with advisees throughout the week.

In addition to their relationship with students, advisors are the primary point of contact between Darrow and parents. Our advisors send regular updates to parents, proactively keep parents informed of any academic concerns or commendations, and alert parents to any challenges students are facing. Likewise, parents are encouraged to reach out to their child’s advisors if they have concerns about their student or wish to share their own insights with Darrow.


To learn more about our Advisor Program, please contact Kate Johansen, Dean of Students, at [email protected].


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