Student Leadership

The Darrow School offers our students abundant leadership opportunities as they learn to become responsible citizens and community leaders. With dozens of formal and informal positions available across a wide range of disciplines, our student leaders actively engage in developing, organizing, and guiding programs and activities.

We teach students how to be thoughtful, influential leaders through their words and actions. To that end, there are leadership positions specially designed to fit any student’s leadership style and ability.


Core Leaders

Core Leaders serve Darrow as a responsible and organized group of "doers” who address a broad range of needs throughout campus. Core Leaders are experienced leaders who play a critical role in shaping the community culture at Darrow. They meet weekly with our Dean of Students to identify and address student needs.


Student Body President

Newly elected each spring as a rising senior, the Student Body President will serve throughout their senior year as a liaison between students, faculty, and the Head of School. Working with other student leaders to foster a positive community culture, the president leads the student government and charts the course for school-wide initiatives.


Class Presidents

Each fall, members of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades elect a president (or sometimes co-presidents) to serve as an active representative in Student Government. Class presidents are in charge of all class events and community-service activities for their class.


Admission Ambassadors

Ambassadors serve Darrow's Admission Office by providing tours for prospective students and families when they visit campus, providing feedback to office staff, participating on student panels during various campus functions, and representing Darrow to the outside community.


Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors (RAs) supervise Darrow's residential living, and accept vital responsibilities that include assisting House Parents in managing the house and providing conscientious leadership for their fellow students. RAs are selected by the faculty in conjunction with the Dean of Students.


Disciplinary Committee

Members of this committee serve as voting student representatives at meetings during which student disciplinary issues are considered. Members must be in good standing within the community, be thoughtful, judicious, and able to maintain confidentiality.



Prefects are responsible for leadership in both academic and community life. Students assist in areas such as Hands-to-Work, Art, Math, Science, History, Theater, World Languages, Performing Arts, College Counseling, Diversity, Athletics, mailroom service, library assistance, maple syrup production, and many more. In the spring, prefects apply for the positions for the following fall, and are selected by the faculty in conjunction with the Dean of Students.


Big Sibs

Big Sibs, typically juniors and seniors, lend their experience and encouragement by assisting new students in adjusting to life at Darrow. All new students, regardless of age, will have a Big Sib to guide them. Big Sibs help new students register for classes, learn the layout of the campus and location of their classes, understand rules and regulations, acclimate to the culture of a boarding school, and interact with other students and faculty in the dorms and dining hall.

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